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Andy’s Mix: September 2013

Because sharing music is fun.

As hinted at in my radio post, I avidly seek new music. I really enjoy selecting and arranging music and put together a mix every few months. They’re more like track listings, similar to what a DJ might do on a radio show. Many people I know dig them, so…

Here’s the latest from September 2013.

Andy's Mix - September 2013

  1. Exuma – The Obeah Man YouTube.
  2. Atropolis – Urban Chief YouTube.
  3. Dan Croll – In/Out YouTube.
  4. Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix) YouTube.
  5. Nina Simone – Feel Good (Skyphos Remix) YouTube.
  6. Lila Downs – La Cumbia del Mole YouTube.
  7. The Preatures – Is This How You Feel YouTube.
  8. Adam Santoya – Up YouTube.
  9. Worn – See Through YouTube.
  10. Sophie Zelmani – Free Now YouTube.
  11. Eli & Fur – You’re So High YouTube.
  12. Mateo Senolia – Rezos a Ochun (Mateo Senolia Deep House Remix) Soundcloud.
  13. Banks – Warm Water (Figgy Remix) YouTube.
  14. St. Lucia – Elevate (Passion Pit Remix) YouTube.
  15. Misun – Met You (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit) YouTube.
  16. Freddie Scott – (You) Got What I Need (Danny Massure Edit) Soundcloud.

Total time: 1 hr 16 min.

I couldn’t find all the songs on YouTube and I couldn’t find all the songs on Soundcloud, so the playlists on those two networks are incomplete. The YouTube list is missing the Mateo Senolia (#12) and Freddie Scott (#16) tracks. Soundcloud is missing Sophie Zelmani’s (#10).