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Before I went to Taiwan in January this year I looked around for information on cell service in the country. I was specifically interested in data access because I enjoy uploading photos to Instagram and checking people into places via Facebook (and apparently people I know are interested, too).

Initially I looked for free wifi hotspots, which pulled up info on free public access in Taipei, and came upon online foreigner registration for the service.

I then ventured into gathering info on if my iPhone 5 could work on their cell network. It could. AT&T’s international data plan is a joke, so could I purchase a SIM card when in the country? It appeared so, and they would even have nano SIM cards for the iPhone 5, but I would have to first unlock my phone and make sure to bring two forms of identification to the store. And so on…

But! There was no single English-language page summing up mobile data access in Taipei and Taiwan, let alone with detailed first-hand traveler experience.

That is a perfect example of something “Andy King finds missing,” as noted in the blog tagline. I want to fill in some of these information spaces and offer out my expression and thought. Writing as (and being) some small self-reflexive outburst in the universe, things will get awesome-interesting with a slant toward navel-gazing, the tangential, and poetic.

Stay classy.