Fillmore Fireworks 2014

Are you in Ventura County wondering where to get fireworks? Do you want to light things on fire instead of just letting the pros do it?

Well, you should head to Fillmore! (Specifically Thursday July 3 from 6am to 10pm, and Friday July 4 from 6am to 9pm.) Just roll into town on the 126 and you will see dozens of “FIREWORKS!” stands.

Fireworks Stand McDonalds Fillmore

Juris—I want to responsibly burn things—dictions

An aside about state law: California State law permits the sale and use of only “Safe and Sane” fireworks, which are generally fireworks that neither fly nor explode. ALL other fireworks are illegal, ANYWHERE in the state. Safe and Sane fireworks are marked with the following seal:

safe and sane California symbol

Back to Ventura County!

The City of Fillmore is the only jurisdiction in Ventura County that sells fireworks, and the only jurisdiction that allows their use.

Fillmore has kinda tiny limits.

Fillmore has kinda tiny limits.

Since the City of Fillmore has its own fire department—as opposed to, say, Camarillo, which uses the Ventura County Fire Department and thus abides by county firework codes—it can choose to permit these activities, and does.

But why? In such a fire-prone region, in the driest time of the year, what does Fillmore get from allowing this?

Explosive Fundraising!

The sale of fireworks is (apparently) often tied to fundraising for non-profit organizations. There are two dozen groups licensed by the City of Fillmore to sell this year. The groups must meet in Fillmore, benefit the local community, and have been established as such for at least three years. (The application process is $400 and the 2014 fireworks booth packet is on the Fillmore website.)

According to the Ventura County Star, last year the sales brought in “net revenues of $308,099.”

Use ’em if you got ’em

four colors fireworks fillmore

Okay, great! You purchased fireworks legally, presumably you’re still within city limits and haven’t illegally transported them yet, and now you’re wondering “How can I set off these Morning Glories SO LEGALLY as a way of expressing civic pride, the beauties and complications of democracy, and fuck yeah fireworks amirite?!”

Until July 5th, safe and sane fireworks can be used on private property in the City of Fillmore, or in any of Fillmore’s public parks (saw the park thing in the Star’s article). Fillmore’s public parks include Shiell Park, Main Street Park, Meadowlark Park, Central Park, and Delores Day Park; they do not include Kenny Grove Park and Two Rivers Park, both outside city limits.

out of focus fireworks in fillmore


YES! Booths are in the McDonald’s parking lot at 900 Ventura Street, Fillmore, CA. (At least according to their website; really, the stands are literally everywhere off the 126 in Fillmore. Go ham.) The remaining hours are Thursday July 3 from 6am to 10pm, and Friday July 4 from 6am to 9pm. Get a $10 off a purchase of $50 or more coupon from TNT Fireworks.

Retro McDonalds Sign Fillmore

Safety First!

The Ventura County Fire Department’s Mike Lindbery recommends “staying away from all fireworks unless they’re part of a licensed, professional show.”

Always have water on hand, always douse used fireworks in water, only use “safe and sane” fireworks, and keep children away from them.

The Fillmore Car Show page should have the most updated info on this year’s fireworks sales.

Have a fun, safe, and awesome Fourth of July! Yeah, freedom!

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