Time keeps on slippin’…

I thought the “time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future” song was a Donald Byrd song. Nope. It’s Steve Miller Band!

(Donald Byrd is awesome, tho.)

…into the future

Dozens of friends graduated this weekend. It was a great time seeing them, celebrating, connecting.

One friend asked for advice, which I gave, but I think my more concrete advice was to his younger brother: “Don’t flip off the wrong person.”

Which in more positive words is just, “Be kind.”

You never know what will affect others

More than anything in the past year I’ve tried to be kinder. Not only to friends and family, but to myself, to strangers, to other people’s creative endeavors. Even to the idea of a business. To corporations that should do more right by their workers, and to politicians I completely disagree with.

It’s beyond the “Don’t be evil” à la Google, and more about being more active in reaching out and expressing gratitude.

Not where I expected this post to go!

(But I’m going to publish anyway, like Bill O’Reilly did that one time.)

Screenshot of old draft posts.

The oldest draft on the blog database is almost a year old.

I don’t know what I’ve done over the past year, but I do have concrete evidence of things I haven’t done. Things I have done that I haven’t yet shared. Like my impromptu trip to Guasti, California, inspired by a copy of Boom: A Journal of California found in the racks at Barnes & Noble.

Share stories

Okay, okay! I’ve done things. Not all all the things, but I know this much: Things I have done and will do. Things I know and create, stories I’ve heard.

I want to share them with you.

Surfers with Santa Cruz Island on the Horizon

Share things like this!

And I want to hear your stories, see things you create. Beyond a +1, Facebook post, or RT, I want to move toward…

…a Solidarity in Life

My favorite parting with good friends as of late is: “Solidarity in life.”

I like to say I was talking with someone, or asking “Can I talk with you?” as opposed to using “to.” There are YouTube videos out there about how to leave a more optimum voicemail, or to have the best voicemail greeting. When I answer the phone I say, “Hi, this is Andy,” to stem off confusion and the small amount of stress that comes from one voice trying to find another.


Hopefully there are enough transitions, segues, and words for you to connect what I’m thinking. I am hungry right now and about to take a shower. Yesterday I didn’t write a poem for the first time in almost half a year. My refrigerator ought to be stocked and I’ll make sure this time to remember the reusable bags.

Solidarity in life, reader.

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